Helis More | About Project
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About Project

Helis More, with its unique landscape, awe-inspiring design, offers a standard of living to you, which is above the region. High yield investment, a pleasant housing to live, a complete office just to focus on your business, stores to enjoy shopping, a trail to walk towards the landscape of the islands, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a little more than everything you want for your life… The view of Marmara Sea that you cannot get enough of watching, the healthy forest air of Aydos Forest blowing plenty of oxygen and a rare project where you can find a peaceful life in the city. Social facilities 2,500 square meters area where you can spend time with loved ones, 15.000 square meters park, everything with a special storage space allocated to each office and the apartment was thought for you; you just have to meet with Helis More, the most innovative complex projects in the region.

Residential Area
House Area
Office Area
Store Area
Social Center Area
Storage Area
Parking Area
Number Of Independent Sections
Number Of Houses
Number Of Offices
Number Of Stores
Total Number Of Floors
Residential Floors
Office Floors
Shop Floors
Social Facilities Floor
Project Start Date
Project Delivery Date

49 000 M²
18 500 M²
7 400 M²
5 200 M²
2 500 M²
1 500 M²
15 000 M²