Helis More | Architectural
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After a pretty hard work day and while struggling with the traffic that evening, I thought of the house I wanted to live in. Such a house should neither have more than I needed, nor it should be anything less than the perfection. Its windows should be opened to freedom and it should be a place full of peace and serenity. Away from traffic, but also not isolated from the city, quite the contrary it had to be right in the center. I thought whether I could train, swim, shop and rest against the landscape; I thought whether it could be possible in the area where I live. I designed the layout of the house with its lines different from the structures around, and where I could live the life fullest.

A few days later, I received a proposal from Helis Yapı for designing a project. Drawing a project in this magnificent location in the middle of the landscape of Aydos Forest and the Islands was very exciting for me. I was going to draw the picture of the freedom and serenity in my mind. After months of my design works, the living area of my dreams began to take its shape. Also, I bought my house from the 23rd floor in this unique project, taking the life as the center. I will be your neighbor in Helis More.