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You will not have enough of the view of the islands from the most beautiful location of Kartal, we know. You will also want to see the view of the islands more closely, which you would not take your eyes off from Helis More.

We have already specified the places for you to visit on the islands, you just need to see this natural beauty and historical sightseeing.

The islands have been called by different names from with each other throughout history. Some of them are; Princes’ Islands, Red Islands and Istanbul Islands. They consist of 9 different large and small islands. Their names are; Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada, Sedef Adası, Yassıada, Sivriada, Tavşan Adası, Kaşık Adası. Just 5 of them are habitants. All of the islands have worth seeing the natural beauties, and those with the habitants have historical buildings.

The introduce you the largest of the islands: Büyükada

You can wander on Büyükada in 3 different ways; phaeton, bike, walk. Phaeton cannot be an option in the hot summer days because that threaten the health of the horses. If you have several days, we suggest you to walk and if you have limited time, you can choose to ride a bicycle. In present-days there are many bike renting enterprises.

If bikes are rented you can start for a ride! There are one small and one big round ways on Büyükada. The big tour path is about 14 km and small tour is about 8 km. If you want to visit the other settlements, you can take the “small tour” path or the path of the monastery, and if you want to see the non-residential areas, you can take the “Big Tour”.

3 km after you start the tour from the ferry port, you will reach the island’s Square. Also here is the starting point of the Aya Yorgi Church on the hill. After 1 km along the way leading up a steep cobblestone Yorgi Church is reached. April 23 is the Name Day of St. Yorgi, whose name is given to the Monastery located on the highest peak of the island. On that day, tens of thousands of people bind ropes to the tree at the top of the hill and try to reach Aya Yorgi Church on barefoot without breaking the rope. Those, who can complete that ritual, are deemed as ‘half pilgrims’ and their wishes are accepted according to the Christian faith.

After reaching the Aya Yorgi Hill, the unique point for a break is Aya Yorgi Country Diner. Here you can watch the view of Istanbul as well as mysterious view of the world’s largest and first multiple-storey wooden building of the Greek Orphanage.

There also a recreation and barbecue area for picnics on Büyükada. Dilburnu recreation area with its fantastic views is the right place for lovers of picnics in nature.

There are also many beaches to swim and sunbathe in Büyükada. It is cleaner and more quiet than most beaches in Istanbul and they are located in the bay where there are spectacular views.

The house, where Leon Trotsky ‘s lived in between the years 19291933 and the house of the famous writer Resat Nuri Güntekin are among other interesting structures in Buyukada.

Before leaving Büyükada, you can visit many fish restaurants with menu tastier than each other, and enjoy the roman ice cream in the street of the clock tower.


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