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Live Urban

The shopping and leisure centers around the location of Helis More will make your life easier by opening its doors to a peaceful life in the center of the city. This project appeal to those, who made living the live a motto and want to live the action and excitement with freedom and tranquility in the middle of the city.

Live without Traffic

From Helis More, where you can access to every corner of Istanbul without a car, besides the transportation between Kadıkoy-Kartal, you can also transfer to Marmaray and Metrobus. Despite you do not need to use your car usually, from the In this Project, which is in the heart of transportation, you can access to Sabiha Gökcen Airport, High Speed Train and Fast Ferries in just 15 minutes.

Live Lucrative

The most innovative and complex project, Helis More in Kartal, where the value per square meter increases from day to day, offers you a privileged life.

Kartal is under slum clearance process, therefore the value per square meter of land is increasing day by day; the most innovative and complex project, Helis More diverges from the competitors by the services it offers, the most innovative and complex project with its residential and commercial areas, Helis More offers you a privileged life. The value of the project, the major part of which has already been sold as soon as the construction started, the value per square meters is increasing day by day. Hurry to reserve your place in this project, which started to bring in to the investors yet before its completion!

Live Healthy

Your health is important to us. Helis More architecture takes up considerable space in the health fields. Thanks to the Turkish bath, furnished with traditional architecture and steam rooms for your skin health, Helis More will make you feel privileged. The inseparable concepts of Sport & Health are coming together for you in Helis More.

Live the Professionalism

Helis More Residences / Offices, thanks to the professional facilities management services offered to you, give you the opportunity to completely focus on your family / business. The individual offices, furnished with all the technological infrastructure and available to everyone living in Helis More, offer a peaceful working environment to you.

Live Sports

Now you will not bother to do sports … The gym hall, which only as far as the elevator, will become a station where you stop before entering the house. The gym, available to you any time and 190-meter walking trail in open air will be a part your sports life!

Live Nature

Helis More will make you closer to nature! Thanks to its position between the booms of Aydos Forest and Marmara Sea, enjoy the panoramic views of the islands in Helis More. All the residences and offices having balconies, offer breathing space habitats to you, the clean air from the forest and the sea will wrap up your home.

Live the Peace

The peaceful moments you spend with your loved ones are priceless… Waking up in the beautiful views of Istanbul and living in a district of Istanbul with its cleanest is air with the oxygen carried in by Aydos Forests is possible in Helis More. Come to Helis More and write your own story through.

Live the Entertainment

Live the entertainment of Helis More and the city to the fullest. You are in Istanbul, one of the few cities in the world; to spend time with your beloved ones at the worldwide famous stations of taste, to go to a concert of the artist you’re a fan and to live the night life to the fullest. Enjoy the city! Also you do not need to get away for entertainment. Helis More offers the entertainment of life with the home cinema in the area of social facilities.

Live the Comfort

Wherever we go, there is nothing like home! That’s why we designed the architecture of your home by giving priority to your comfort. We opened space for all belongings in decoration. Social facilities of 2,500 square meters area where you can spend time when you leave your home, are fully equipped with ergonomic furniture for your comfort and your convenience. You just come to Helis More and enjoy this comfort.

Live the Luxury

The architecture, professional management, social facilities and all the details of Helis More opens the door to a life of luxury. In Helis More, offering the Privileges in a package to your life, all the equipment to make you will feel yourself special are available. Contact with us to access this exclusive live at reasonable prices!

Live the Privilege

Open the doors of a privileged life. Enjoy your town, your home and the services offered to you. Be a part of the superior service. Take your place in Helis More project, noteworthy for its architecture and privileges, located in Istanbul, the world’s most beautiful cities, which have become a brand with its history and natural beauties.

Live the Technology

Helis More, with its state of arts internet infrastructure, you will never be disconnected from the world. The technical staff are commissioned to provide all the installation and maintenance of this technology. The technological security systems in your home and office were conceived for the peace of you and your beloved ones. You should also enjoy the technology world by moving to Helis More.

Live the Time

Time is your most valuable asset that cannot be brought back or bought. Helis More, with its professional management makes you spare time, your most valuable asset. Technical teams, dry cleaning, and cleaning teams as well as all services included in the professional management services, Helis More eliminates all the time-consuming works for you. You just need to focus on life.

Live the Helis

Helis Construction produces works that are not for today but for the future of the region; aesthetic, environmentally friendly, and that do not bring any burden to the city and value-added work. It offers you the excellence by combining the artistic vision with the state of the art architecture. Helis Construction, having provided all the motivation increasing equipment in the office building projects completed by Helis Construction, has worked diligently for all the details for the Helis More project, to offer you the excellence in your home and business life.